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Under the Interagency Education Research Initiative (IERI) , we are implementing a program of individualized, computer-aided reading instruction with the potential to dramatically improve reading achievement and learning from text. Over the course of the grant, the Colorado Literacy Tutor will integrate two sets of literacy tools, one based on speech and animation technology, and one based on language comprehension technology.

The Reading Tutor, developed by the Center for Spoken Language Research, is based on speech and animation technology. It includes a 3D animated talking head synchronized with recorded or synthesized speech, paired with illustrations and printed words that can be entered by the teacher or by the child. Children look at the images, listen to the words, see their spelling, pronounce them, and receive feedback. More Information about the Reading Tutor can found at the The Center for Spoken Language Research.

Pearson Knowledge Technologies (PKT) has provided Summary Street® to Colorado schools as part of the Colorado Literacy Tutor since 2001. It is now available commercially from PKT. For more information, please visit PKT's Summary Street® page.

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