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Scalable and Sustainable Technologies for Reading Instruction and Assessment

Under the Interagency Education Research Initiative (IERI), we plan to implement and assess a program of individualized, computer-aided reading instruction with the potential to dramatically improve reading achievement and learning from text in the State of Colorado and to be inexpensively scaled to school systems in other states. The goal is to create a population of students who read with fluency and comprehension well beyond current national norms and who are skilled at acquiring new knowledge through reading.

Principal Investigators

Walter Kintsch, Ph.D.

Institute of Cognitive Science

Donna J. Caccamise, Ph.D.

Associate Director
Institute of Cognitive Science

Ronald A. Cole, Ph.D.

The Center for Spoken Language Research

Richard L. Olson, Ph.D.

Associate Director
The Colorado Learning Disabilities Research Center

Lynn E. Snyder, Ph.D.

Professor of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Other Key Personnel

Eileen Kintsch, Ph.D.

Summary Street® Project Manager
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